The Power of social media in the brewery industry

In the wild world of craft brewing, your brewery’s saga deserves to be legendary. At [Your Company Name], we wield the power of social media like a mighty axe, chopping through the noise to spotlight your brews and events. Whether you’re rallying the clan for a grand feast (read: beer event) or singing the praises of your latest ale, our team is here to amplify your call to the masses.

In this modern age of mead halls (okay, taprooms), your social media presence can draw a crowd or leave seats cold. With 74% of shield-maidens and warriors deciding which tavern to storm based on social media shields (posts), your digital battle plan is crucial. We craft strategies that turn every like, share, and comment into footfalls and loyalty, ensuring your brewery thrives and dominates.

Essential social media Platforms for Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries

In the digital feast of social media, where every platform offers a unique flavor, mastering these platforms ensures your craft beverages not only pour into glasses but also flow into hearts and minds.


Facebook is an indispensable platform for breweries aiming to broaden their reach and strengthen customer engagement. Its sophisticated targeting capabilities allow precise marketing efforts, directing content towards users based on age, interests, and location, ensuring high ROI on ad spend.

The most important part of Facebook is its ad platform and a breweries ability to target anyone over 21 in their local area that enjoys a good brew!

Breweries can utilize Facebook’s robust engagement tools such as posts, comments, and event pages to promote new releases and events, directly driving foot traffic. The integrated advertising system supports a range of ad formats, enhancing promotional campaigns. Additionally, Facebook’s community-building features help strengthen brand loyalty by fostering direct interactions with customers.


Instagram stands as an indispensable tool for breweries, with its robust focus on visuals, Instagram allows breweries to showcase their crafts through stirring images and riveting videos, presenting the rich colors of their brews and the spirited atmosphere of their locales.

  • The strategic use of hashtags allows breweries to extend their reach beyond their current followers, tapping into niche audiences and those searching for related content.
  • Tagging is particularly beneficial for fostering collaborations and highlighting relationships with influencers, local businesses, and customers, effectively expanding their network and community presence.
  • Direct messages (DMs) on Instagram offer a personal touch, enabling breweries to engage directly with their audience, respond to inquiries, and build stronger relationships through immediate and private communication.

Tik Tok

TikTok is a crucial platform for breweries, thanks to its robust video-centric features and a smart algorithm tailored to match content with the right viewers. Here’s why this platform is a powerhouse for breweries:

  1. Video-Centric Nature: TikTok thrives on short, captivating videos, ideal for showcasing the lively buzz of a brewery. Breweries can highlight everything from the meticulous art of brewing to lively taproom scenes and sneak peeks of new brews. These videos act like a digital beckoning, inviting viewers to step into the brewery’s world, experiencing the community and craftsmanship up close.
  2. Precision Targeting: TikTok’s algorithm excels in connecting videos with users based on their interests and location. This feature is especially beneficial for breweries, enabling them to reach locals who are already inclined towards craft beer. This strategic targeting helps draw in those who are not just interested in brewery culture but are also potential taproom visitors, boosting local engagement and visits. Potential for
  3. Virality: The structure of TikTok supports rapid content spread, making it possible for brewery videos to go viral with relative ease. This virality means that a well-executed video might gain widespread attention quickly, enhancing brand visibility far beyond conventional reach. This can happen organically, offering a significant return on engagement without the hefty spend typically seen with other advertising efforts.

By leveraging TikTok’s dynamic video format and targeted algorithm, breweries can effectively connect with a relevant audience, merging local appeal with the expansive reach of viral content to maximize both engagement and foot traffic.


YouTube is a formidable battlefield for breweries, wielding the power of video to capture the essence of their craft and community. It’s not just about showcasing the brewing process; it’s about retargeting loyal followers and engaging new locals through targeted ads, expanding your territorial reach.

By strategically leveraging YouTube, breweries can turn their channels into a robust marketplace. Consistent video production not only strengthens brand presence but also opens revenue streams. By regularly uploading quality content, breweries can monetize their channels through ads. This ongoing engagement also paves the way for nationwide sales, as a broader audience gets a taste of their unique brews. YouTube is a tool that combines storytelling with strategic marketing, perfect for any brewery looking to grow its brand and market reach in a compelling, authentic way.


LinkedIn is a strategic platform for breweries, primarily because it connects them directly with a professional audience that has discretionary spending power and a shared appreciation for a cold beer. This network is not just vast; it’s also affluent, comprising individuals who are likely to invest in quality craft beverages.

Beyond mere networking, LinkedIn offers breweries a unique opportunity to tap into B2B sales channels. By connecting with product buyers from large retail chains and owners of smaller liquor stores, breweries can significantly expand their distribution footprint. These professional connections are vital for securing shelf space in both local and national markets, broadening the availability of their products.

Furthermore, LinkedIn allows breweries to position their brand in a professional context, highlighting their business achievements, sustainability practices, and community involvement. This not only enhances their reputation but also appeals directly to business professionals who value corporate responsibility and local community engagement alongside a great product. Engaging on LinkedIn, therefore, is about much more than social networking; it’s about building meaningful professional relationships that can lead to tangible business growth and brand loyalty in the competitive brewing industry.

How can you use social media with traditional marketing to maximzie your efforts?

Combining a digital social campaign with a direct mail or print campaign can create a seamless marketing strategy that bridges the gap between physical and online worlds.

Imagine launching a new craft beer. You could start with teaser ads on radio and targeted direct mail in relevant zip codes, followed by a launch event sponsored at a popular local festival. Use social media to build excitement before the event, live-stream parts of the event, and continue the dialogue post-event with highlights and fan interactions. Offer exclusive discounts or merchandise as a thank-you to attendees who engage with your brand online.

Combining traditional and digital marketing allows you to create a comprehensive campaign that reaches your audience wherever they are, making it more dynamic and increasing the chances of achieving your marketing goals.

How To get started with our social media services?

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